Moon Vessel (Working Title)

Single-Channel Video; work-in-progress

Still; Super 8mm and Digital; 2022

Installation View; 2022

Intimacy Surveillance

Real-time Interactive Video Installation; Fridge; Infrared Camera; 2022

"Intimacy Surveillance" explores situations when intimacy can be captured, staged, performed, or dehumanized. The body activates, holds, navigates, and manipulates intimacy, transferring vital signs as an image-making tool through interacting with an infrared camera placed in a fridge at 5 °C.

35mm Still of Installation Documentation; 2022

Video Documentation Still; 2022

Can I Go to Your House to Sweep the Floor?

(Cleaning Services were provided together with Wang Xiyang and Qin Yanan and cleaning robots)

Installation View, Door-to-Door Cleaning Service, Robot Vacuums, Floor plans, Videos, 2021

“Can I Go to Your House to Sweep the Floor?“ provided door-to-door cleaning services to female residents of Lianshi using robotic vacuum devices. The robots learn the layout of these domestic locations, building memories of ‘home’. When transferred to the exhibition environment, the robots clean according to their remembered domestic service. Displaced from their familiar setting, crashing into one another they vocalize their sense of loss and confusion in an anguished “I can’t find my way home, come to help me.”

Installation View from the top
Floor Plans Collected By Robots; Cleaning Routes

Robot Vacuums working and generating floor plans

Documentations of robot vacuums working

In a local resident’s home

In a pet clinic

In a recycling station

The view from a robot vacuum’s perspective


zhú mù nòng/The Riverside

Super 8mm Film, 3 minutes, 2022

"The Riverside" constructs a document of the Lianxi River in still frames. Navigating the river's path towards the Grand Canal in Lianshi, the camera builds a narrative around the operation of memory in action within the tense landscape of historical excavation and urban development.

Film Stills

still from Elevator
installtion view of Elevator, 2021

installtion view of Elevator, 2022


Shot in an elevator at Millennium Park in Chicago over one year period, the video juxtaposes different levels, seasons and time to create a disorientation and deviation.

HD Video
12 min