Sesame Opens a Skylight (ongoing)

Chongqing has changed rapidly over the years, with demolished buildings and cyberpunk labels, as if it could start all over again at any time. Empty factories, two large smokestacks, and a steam train that ran on the country's first railroad outline an area that seemed destined to be forgotten from the start, an area whose original functions have been lost in the process of alienation and assimilation through the spread of information, and which is only a microcosm of the city's transformation. Leaning on the family housing of the railroad system, where most of the residents have lived for decades, the common territory and derived interactions have formed a community with its own way of functioning.
Sesame Opens a Skylight Radio takes the historical memory of the community where the first railroad in China was built as a starting point, and through observation and interviews, collects their personal oral histories. The work seeks to map out a landscape geography transformed by affective and subjective states through broadcast and sound maps.

Podcast of Sesame Opens a Skylight (2021)

stills from Sesame Opens a Skylight (2021)