Can I go to your house to sweep the floor

(Collaborate with Wang Xiyang and Qin Yanan)

Installation View, Door-to-Door Cleaning Service, Robot Vaccums, Floor plans, Videos, 2021

This project depicts a future archaeological site in a granary at Lianshi where the Liangzhu Culture is being excavated. Each robot is set on a different route, according to the floor plans we collected in "Can I go to your home to sweep the floor?", a door-to-door cleaning service with robot vacuums we provided for the residents, relieving them of household chores as well as exploring the spaces where they are living and working. The residents are invited to share their memories of their places. The oral histories, floor plans, old photos, and documentation in the cleaning process "shape" the robot vacuum’s memories of "home". When the robots encounter an obstacle or collide, they will broadcast "I can't find my way home. Come to help me". 

The center of the granary is the memory database and home of the "robotic sheep", consisting of TVs and their power stations. The documentation of the sweeping are displayed on the TVs, all of which testify to the traces of life in our generation, but the fast-changing outside world and changing information make it difficult to verify the authenticity of the urban memory of the last thirty years. And what kind of information does this data convey about our era in the future?

Robot Vacuums working and generating floor plans

Documentations of robot vacuums working
In a local resident’s home

In a pet clinic

In a recycling station

The view from a robot vacuum’s perspective